Esports platform Game Stars opened the 2nd stage of Token Sale

The 2nd stage of token sale of the esports platform started on May 27 and will last till June 13. All participants have a chance to buy GST tokens with a 20% bonus.

The GSTs emission is limited, that is why those, who buy them, become GST-monopolists automatically.

Game Stars platform is focused on settling eSports problems: lack of market infrastructure; lack of funding for beginner cyber players; non-payment of prize money, unfair tournaments.

With the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts, those problems won’t be a headache of market players anymore. The platform provides solutions for all contributors:

Smart contracts are issued for each player together with personal tokens. Players can sell their tokens, raise funding for their professional development.
Sponsors can evaluate cyber sportsmen based on players statistics, support the most promising gamers and get a share of their income.
Managers can raise funding for their team development and look for new players
Everyone now can organize own tournaments. Terms and conditions are powered by smart contracts. Thus the problem of frauds is excluded, prize-money payouts are made completely and in time.

Buy GST tokens now and you will become a monopolist!
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