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For a business trip, a number of aspects have to be looked after and booking a hotel for your stay can be a tedious task at times. If you concur with what has been stated, you must opt for online travel booking and travel management and for booking a hotel, you must make use of an online portal that offers the best deals in B2B booking.

Apart from an online booking engine for corporate and enterprises being a useful tool for business travel, a number of apps are also available out there these days that ease your business travel while also making it more productive.

1. Concur

Concur is a travel/expense management app that has a number of expense management tools. That’s not all, it can even sync with your office for necessary approvals and moreover, it lets you easily export expense reports.

2. Trip It

Trip It is meant for planning itineraries. For easy access, it stores all your various reservation numbers in one place. Using Trip It is quite simple, just forward your reservation confirmation emails. In response, Trip It will build a master itinerary that will have everything you need.

3. Circle back

Circle back is a perfect app for business travel. It maintains all your contacts, brings them together in one place and keeps them accurate (with letting any duplicates build up) and updated. Equipped with a slick business card scanning and email sig capture, it even notifies you when there are changes, so that you can get in touch with potential prospects as soon as they start in on new decision-making positions.

4. Sky scanner

Although a number of apps are available for flights, car rental and hotel booking, one that compares bookings, finds the best price and books in app is rare to find. Well, Sky scanner does exactly that for you. It emerges as a savior when those “unexpected” trips arise and you want to book on-the-go.

5. Docusign

Docusign is designed for making the execution of contracts simple and mobile. Executives, especially of the rank of chief business officer of an organization are likely to find this app immensely useful since their lives are filled with contracts.

6. Handshake

Handshake allows reporting of sales back to your business automatically for processing by allowing an entire sales-order process to occur in an attractive app. In addition, it also lets one glance at important client information (previous orders, account assignments etc.) on-the-go.

7. Asana

Asana is indispensable for those who manage a team with deadlines and output goals. You may be anywhere in the world but teamwork and deadlines loom. Asana lets you communicate with your team, view deadline progress and escalate/manage tasks from anywhere.

8. Google Drive

Whether it is sharing of documents, tracking your teams’ output or reviewing or adjusting your content calendar to know what’s coming, Google Drive is your app. It lets you collaborate and review with your content team anywhere.