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For accurate and detailed calculations, Stamp Calculator provides an online, user-friendly tool for property valuations. The platform also provides comprehensive property valuation reports for a reasonable fee.

[RADCLIFFE, 5/6/2018] – Stamp Calculator, an online platform for stamp duty calculations and conveyancing, provides free online property valuations using market-leading tools. For a reasonable fee, the platform also offers a detailed and comprehensive property valuation report.

Recent House Prices in the UK

According to the April 2018 report of the Halifax house price
index, UK’s house prices hit an average of £220,962. Along with this number, the UK labour market has seen a decrease in unemployment figures and an increase in wage growth. These labour related factors strengthen purchasing power and ease the pressure on household finances.

The Basis of Property Valuation in the UK

According to a January 2018 article published by the Financial Times, the common factors that influenced an individual house’s value included size, age, maintenance, geography and local amenities.

The article added, however, that more than a third of all UK homes were purchased by cash buyers without a proper property valuation, and fewer than three per cent of homes on the UK market in 2017 were valued, according to the Financial Times. Many of these homes could potentially have been sold for more with a proper valuation.

Online Property Valuation Services

Stamp Calculator offers free online property valuation based on archived sales records, estate agency listings, surveyor’s records and floor plans.

For a more comprehensive report, Stamp Calculator can generate a detailed property valuation including market trends, valuation estimates, recent sales and other important market analysis information. The service is normally priced at £19.99 but is offered at £14.99 for a limited period.

About Stamp Calculator

To reduce the hassles of calculating stamp duty, conveyancing fees and property valuation, Stamp Calculator offers a range of user-friendly online tools that deliver results within seconds. Stamp Calculator uses the latest changes and information on stamp duty tax, house price indices and other important government policies and real estate data in the UK.

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