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For the modern women who want to look their best this summer and wear an exciting and fashion-forward swimsuit that best suits their body type, Revel Rey’s designer swimsuits feature bold and exciting looks to make the wearer stand out.

[CAPITOL HILL, 6/5/2018] – Many women understand the difficulties of finding a good swimsuit with the right color, style, and size to suit them. And with summer less than a month away, women should start looking for the right swimsuit to complement their figure.

For the modern, fashion-forward woman, Revel Rey has the collections to provide their best summer looks. With bold and exciting designs, women can choose from a wide range of styles to find which suits their body type.

High-Quality Designer Swimwear

Revel Rey, created by Audrey “Rey” Swanson, caters to women who want one-of-a-kind swimsuit designs that provide a flattering fit. Swanson treated each piece in her collection like an artwork, with each telling a story.

The swimwear designs are available in one-piece and bikini sets. Revel Rey provides a Mix and Match option for bikinis, allowing women to purchase bikini tops and bottoms with different patterns to provide a more fun match. The swimsuits feature different details, such as hand-painted accents and unique sleeves, and are of high-quality fabrics.

New Arrivals

Revel Rey’s Midnight Oasis Collection and the Resort 2018 Silhouettes are the latest sets of swimwear released by the company. Designed by Swanson, the Midnight Oasis Collection takes inspiration from the luxuries, territory, and world-class destination that is Bali.

Both collections feature multiple designs and styles to cater to different women. Women can find or mix and match designs to find the one that best suits them.

About Revel Rey

Revel Rey is a swimwear company based in Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. The brand features bold and feminine designs created by Audrey “Rey” Swanson. Swanson’s designs are made for the passionate and cultured modern woman.

Revel Rey joined Miami Swim Week in its first year and is set to appear in its third consecutive appearance this summer. Apart from its online store, the company’s products are available in seven boutiques, nine online stores, TopShop and ASOS.

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