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Gems are part of many customs and cultures around the globe and for many ages people have been using them as ornaments, gifts and even investment purposes. Over the past decade this industry has witnessed significant changes and has also shown an exhibited growth creating a humungous demand for these stones.

Karibu Gems didn’t lack behind with this trend and became a collector and online-seller for quality gemstones. As we are one of the quality sellers in the market, we always think of changing the industry’s course and standardization as it is already full of fake gems and always provide our customers with real and legit one.

The one gemstone that defines the quality of any gemstone is a Natural gemstone as it is uncut and unpolished in nature it is of high durability and rarity and we provide you with that. As this gemstone is on a huge demand all around the globe but mainly western hemisphere, the supply is always on short. You can these shop gemstones any time at our website as we are one of the few with hands on it.

“The best gemstone color in the world is the color that looks good on you” and we are the sellers of Colored gemstones . Color is single most important factor while choosing a colored gemstone as it attracts so many eyes, so do buy from us as we have a wide range of variety.

Faceted is a type of cut of gemstones where gemstones where gemstones have multiple flat surfaces called “Facets”. The purpose of having facets is to reflect most of the lighting falling on the it as it demonstrates a beautiful gem stone. We sell Faceted gemstones according to consumers request and according to their design and we even sell Loose gemstones as they are based upon a cleat cut and polishing but are only done upon a high quality gem.

We have our ultimate goal is to get supply of colored gemstones in Europe and especially in Switzerland as they have as they have below average prices and above average quality of the stones. It results in we selling high quality gemstones at a minimal price point.

So to view and buy our wide range of gemstones, do check our website for an enhanced view