Fireglass Factory Offers Customized Outdoor Fire Pits

Fireglass Factory offers fire glass firepits for outdoor spaces. The company’s array of designs, styles and accessories allow homeowners to adjust their firepits to their home’s architecture or layout. They may also customize their pits with burner kits.

[LOS ALAMITOS, 6/5/2018] – Adding an outdoor fire pit enhances the style and decoration of a property’s outdoor space, complementing most homes while providing some form of functionality. However, not all styles in the market can complement the outdoor aesthetic or architecture of a home.

Sometimes, homeowners would like to customize their fire pits. For homeowners in California, this is possible with the help of Fireglass Factory, a company supplying a wide range of products and customized solutions for outdoor fire pits.

“Express Your Style”

Using Fireglass Factory’s selection of products, homeowners can mix and match to come up with a style that best suits their outdoor setting. Fireglass Factory provides professional fire pit installation services. Clients can rest assured that their fire pits are set up the right way.

Homeowners can choose from a number of fire glass options, which are glass chips that can withstand extreme temperatures and retain heat without producing smoke, soot, or toxic fumes. For that earthy look, homeowners can choose fire rocks. Though similar to fire glass, fire rocks increase the combustion rate of propane in fire pits.

Fireglass Factory provides outdoor fire pits in multiple designs: Island, Sierra, Carmel, Santa Cruz, and San Simeon. These fire pits are made of various materials and are a versatile addition to any home compared to traditional fireplaces.

Build-Your-Own Fire Kits

For those who want to go further in customization, Fireglass Factory offers kits and burners for DIY fire pits. It offers multiple fireplace burners to meet the desired shape, as well as ignition, match light fire bowl, installation, and spark ignition kits to add the different parts needed for a functional fire pit.

About Fireglass Factory

Fireglass Factory is a California-based company that offers high-quality fire glass and other outdoor fire pit related needs. It provides a wide selection for its customers to choose at highly competitive rates. Fireglass Factory serves residential and commercial clienteles looking to beautify their establishments safely and functionally.

Fireglass Factory’s products are featured in various media outlets and are used in well-known clubs, restaurants, hotels, and homes of prominent people.

Add a touch of class and sophistication with a customized fire pit. Visit today.