Ampliz Launches Prescribed Medicine Intent Data for Healthcare

Singapore 05/06/2018- Ampliz, the self serve database management and procurement portal has added one more feather to its cap. It has enabled intent data that shows prescribed medicine attached to a specific doctor.

The Ampliz healthcare advantage

With over 1.2 million double verified healthcare contacts available for direct download, Ampliz is the worlds only web based platform that provides this feature. Adding value to the user has always been the driving force behind innovations at Ampliz. To this end, the intent data search filter for specific medicine prescribed has been added to improve your search results. You can also search based on location and NPI number. This feature has been added after a survey among users found that they wanted to know what types of medication is prescribed by doctors allowing for competitive analysis and better search results. This intent data is responsible for 4.5 trillion dollars in spending globally.

One of the most important features of this self serve platform is its ability to give you results that are fine tuned and in line with the requests keyed in. This shortens your search cycle and gives you highly refined results that make the process of data acquisition easier and faster. The AI based search engine learns and understands each and every time you login and search so that it is able to give you better results, the more you use it.

Management speak

Head of customer success at Ampliz, Mr Kevin Rajan expressed his desire to improve upon the healthcare specific search fields. “Healthcare industry is booming currently and I want the users of Ampliz to have the upper hand in this sector. The best way to do this is to make it a lot easier for them to find exactly what they are looking for”.

“Product development is a learning process for us here at Ampliz and we take customer feedback very seriously” says Chief Product Officer Mr Mayank Tiwari. “The crux of the product is the easy availability of data but there are a million ways in which we can make it easier and faster- this is just one of the steps”.

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