Four Important pillars of Sagarmla

The Sagarmala is a series of projects to leverage the country’s coastline and inland waterways to drive industrial development. It was originally mooted by the Vajpayee government in 2003 as the waterways equivalent of the Golden Quadrilateral. Sagarmala, integrated with the development of inland waterways, is expected to reduce cost and time for transporting goods, benefiting industries and export/import trade.
There are multiple challenges that need to be addressed and at the same time substantial opportunities that need to be captured as far as port-led development is concerned. This is what the Sagarmala Programme intends to do. Through this initiative, the Ministry of Shipping (MoS) aims to further utilize India’s vast coastline and potentially navigable inland waterways to boost trade, spur industrial growth in coastal regions and develop coastal communities. 1. Port modernization and new port development
Augmenting the capacity of current port infrastructure and creating new ports is important to promote export driven growth. With massive cargo volume growth anticipated by 2025, there emerges a need for port upgradation and new infrastructure. India has 12 major ports and approximately 200 non-major ports administered by Central and State Governments respectively.
To fill the demand gap, 6 new major ports are planned which will bring in significant capacity expansion. The locations of these new ports are deliberated after detailed origin-destination study of cargo commodities and there are mainly three levers that propel the need for building new ports: New port locations have been identified based on the cargo flow for key commodities and the projected traffic.
Greenfield ports are proposed to be developed at
• Vadhavan (Maharashtra)
• Tajpur (West Bengal)
• Paradip Outer Harbour (Odhisha)
• Cuddalore/Sirkazhi (Tamil Nadu)
• Belikeri (Karnataka)
• Enayam (Tamil Nadu) – Transshipment Port

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