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Elite Technologies of Texas offer the services throughout the Dallas or Fort Worth residentially and commercially.

Main services of Elite Technologies:

 Keeping eyes on home with elegant doorbells and cameras.
 Controlling the temperature of the room and lighting with any human voice.
 Analyzing Wi-Fi and finding the ways to improve.
 Designing a perfect entertainment field with making up a 4k TV.
 Cutting the string on cable and satellite TV.
 Sending music or tune everywhere in your place and pour video to devices.
 Discovering the newest innovations within the appliance world.
 Finding styles looks and finishes fitting your taste.
 Measuring your field so that you get the right-sized mechanisms.

Extra features of it:

• Hidden Entertainment
For this propose the only position to put a TV exist sidelong fireplace which might cause neck pain. So we made a decision the finest placing is at the top of one’s bed, invisible within the attic.
• Dallas Cowboys Museum
The ultimate fan must possess the absolute AV structure to correlate Jerry world.
Here we created a gallery enchant theme which creates a sound-and-light show.

Our object is to associate people with innovative automation solutions to shorten and improve people lives at home and work. Their oath is to formulate everlasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining clients believe over extraordinary performance and handing over easy-to-use options for all electronics systems inside their residentiary or economic field. Our loving, appreciative and experienced team of workers may help inspire, cultivate and problem-solve for our customers.