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Working as an ocean freight forwarder, Seagulls International Logistics Co., Limited company can meet your ocean shipping needs in and between all international trade lanes. It helps more than 500 clients to ship their products to worldwide per year. It can handle the products sent from Tianjin, Qingdao,Shanghai, Ningbo,Jiangmen, Zhanjiang,Nanning ,Guangzhou and Shenzhen to Middle East, Red Sea, India Sub Continent, Europe, Africa, Australia and more. No matter what your product is and where you want to ship, Seagulls will carry out the exclusive solution to you.

Seagulls deserves your trust in shipping your products all over the world safely and timely, which will help to set up your brand. Their experienced logistic ocean services team will firstly develop a carrier solution and a load optimization plan to aim you in achieving the supply chain goals. Seagulls keeps the good relationship with core carriers in all key global trade lanes so that it can help to solve all your problems easily.

If you are looking for a responsive and professional logistics forwarder, there is no doubt that Seagulls is the first choice for you. Seagulls is ready to expand its business and build a prosperous future with you. It values greatly each cooperation and gets growth step by step to improve the ocean shipping business and build an international logistics platform that can keep up with the changing demand of the modern society. As is known to all, it becomes more and more competitive in import and export business. With Seagulls, you can save time and money in dealing with business chores and reach your business goals to stand out from the crowded.

With Seagulls logistic worldwide locations and the powerful network of global partners, they can coordinate import and export shipments well to make sure the correct paper work is well done and filed properly, which includes customs-clearance processes, duties and fees, and cargo insurance.

As the professional logistic forwarder, Seagulls can perfectly deal with the shipment details, handling full container loads, less than container load and break bulk/ oversize shipments. It is no necessary to worry about the shipment of your products with Seagulls. Also, you can get known about the shipment information at any time you want to track it. If there are proactive status alerts and exception notifications, Seagulls can also help to solve it in time.

In recent days, Seagulls announced that it would hire more experienced experts to deal with the international forwarding business due to the increased cooperation, which will greatly improve their business efficiency. It is now a member of China International Freight Forwarders Association. And in the near future, it is going to provide the faster, more reliable and cost-saving service to the customers around the world.

Therefore, no matter you want to conduct the import pr export business, Seagulls is always here for your help. For the foreign businessman, Seagulls can help you to find the high quality products and ship them to your country, which will bring most convenience to business. For the at home company, Seagulls will help to distribute your products to the destination with the corresponding requirements. For more details, please contact Judy at

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