RapidPlas Provides a Wide Range of Slimline and Small Corrugated Rainwater Tanks for Various Needs

RapidPlas supplies slimline and small corrugated rainwater tanks for residential and commercial applications.

[TAMWORTH, 2/6/2018] – RapidPlas, a family owned and operated rotational moulding business based in Australia, carries an extensive selection of slimline and small corrugated rainwater tanks for various residential and commercial applications.

Slimline and Small Corrugated Rainwater Tanks

The slimline rainwater tank range can hold between 500L to 5000L of liquid. Each tank comes with a dust cover, an overflow kit and a stainless steel mosquito-proof strainer. RapidPlas also provides every rainwater tank with a pump, a matching pump cover and connection fittings.

Designed to suit various applications, the slimline rainwater tanks are ideal for both home and commercial settings. The tanks have a sleek and refined style that complements any structure or space, whether it’s small or large, sophisticated or industrial. They are manufactured with UV stabilised polyethylene and sun protection technology, providing protection against the harsh Australian sun.

Uses for Slimline Rainwater Tanks

Made with convenience and longevity in mind, the slimline rainwater tanks provide water in a sustainable manner. They are one of the most versatile products of RapidPlas, adding value to a property. The tanks are useful for:
• Supplying water for commercial applications (i.e. business gardens, small washrooms);
• Filling up pools;
• Washing cars and boats;
• Supplying water to small homes and granny flats;
• Watering yard gardens.

About RapidPlas

As one of the first established rotational moulding family businesses in the Australian market, RapidPlas takes pride in their several years of extensive experience in the poly product industry. They employ over 60 staff and support local communities by promoting local businesses and local jobs. The company designs and manufactures an extensive range of quality commercial, residential and agricultural poly products.

For more information about RapidPlas, visit their website at https://rapidplas.com.au.