Pixelo Design is Offering Branding Designs for Craft Beer Industry in Australia

Pixelo Design, one of the leading graphic and logo designing company in Australia, has launched an affordable range of branding design services for craft beer industry. The company will now support the industry with branding designs, project branding, and more.

Pixelo Design is proud to announce the brand designing services for craft beer industry. Craft beer is a small scale industry of the large beer market in Australia. Typically they work in small operations, mostly run by people from home. While searching for the craft beer industry we came across some of the interesting facts that will make you feel smarter when drinking beer. Some of them are –

1. Craft Beer is good for your bones! Beer has high levels of silicon, which makes your bones strong.

2. Crafty beers – Beers that are released by big mega brewers that look like craft beers.

3. Beer is stored in darker bottles as exposure to light will spoil the brew. In South Africa, people consider green bottles for the premium beers, while in fact, these beers are prone to get “light struck” and brown bottles are better for beer.

4. Craft brewers use adjuncts to enhance flavour, while mega brewers add adjuncts to reduce flavour.

As craft beer is a small scale industry and needs a good branding, so that the business owner can reach the end users. At this point the Pixelo Design can help in brochure designing, logo designing, website designing and other graphic designing services for the company. The company also plans to cater various other marketing services to the businesses as well, which can entice the buyers. They have created each service with the aim to help companies present a perfect visual image of their project – which is highly efficient and time saving for the addressees, as they get a strong and actual view. All the services are available at affordable prices, so that all small and medium sized businesses can take advantages of their offerings.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the website of Pixelo Design and find out more details about their solutions for craft beer industry. To know more, send them an email on aengus@pixelodesign.com.