Comprehensive Heat Sealing Supplies Available At Packline

Packline’s Heat Sealing product range is designed for maximum insulation and safety.

[CASTLEMAINE, 31/05/2018] – Packline Solutions provides a wide range of comprehensive, reliable heat sealing products for various sealing applications. The company’s range includes products such as heat sealers, band sealers, gas shrink guns, hood shrink film machines, film rollers and repair kits, to name a few.

Secure, Efficient and Safe Products from Packline

Packline provides tailored solutions to meet the needs of the packaging industry. Their heat sealing product range contains highly versatile items that are easy to use and set up, and handle items of various sizes.

Packline’s heat sealing products can be used in a wide variety of applications and industries. Their products keep food items warm, protect metal items from oxidation, and provide protection against moths, mice, and various other pests. The heat sealing provides an airtight and secure solution, designed to fully insulate their respective contents and minimise the amount of moisture entering the packaging. Packline’s heat sealing reduces the chance of pilfering and keep items safe from outside damage.

All Packline products adhere rigorously to established safety standards. They come with numerous safety features designed to ensure safe handling and minimise damage. For example, their shrink wrap guns possess integral heat shields to keep the burner from overheating, as well as full heat control to prevent fires and burnt plastic. All items come with ergonomic handles that insulate heat, keeping them cool to the touch and preventing burns.

Above all, Packline prioritises the needs of its clients. The company’s customer service team is available to address any enquiries and concerns while providing full support in purchase and set-up.

About Packline

Packline is a market leader in the Australian packaging industry. Founded in 2004, Packline continues to provide comprehensive, functional solutions for various industries. The company’s main focus is on building close relationships with its clients based on trust and integrity.

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