Masterflow’s Trained Technicians Provide End-to-End Pump Service

Masterflow’s team of trained technicians offer in-house and on-site pump repair services, with a focus on safety and first-class customer service.

[WETHERILL PARK, 30/5/2018] – Masterflow, a family-owned company specialising in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, has a team of trained technicians to perform in-house and on-site repairs. The expert team have undergone extensive training as part of the company’s commitment to quality, service and safety.

In-House and On-Site Pump Repairs

With its team of highly skilled technicians, Masterflow provides a reliable and cost-efficient repair service for various industries across Australia. The company offers both in-house and on-site repairs depending on the client’s preference and place of convenience.

Masterflow performs its in-house repairs in fully equipped engineering workshops located in the capital and regional cities in Australia. Clients can expect to receive professional service and free expert advice on spares, maintenance and repair costs. The company also offers on-site repairs of pumps, motors and couplings. Apart from repair services, the technicians extend their services to on-site assessments and pump surveys needed for maintenance checks.

Masterflow also has a large inventory of spare parts in its Sydney warehouse. Clients can contact the Service Team for quotations and prompt deliveries.

Masterflow’s Commitment to Safety

As part of the company’s commitment to safety, Masterflow produces Safe Work Method Statements prior to carrying out on-site operations. The company’s technicians all hold ‘White Card’ Construction Induction Certificates.

Masterflow’s range of services follows a methodical approach, from the inspection of the systems down to the repairs and replacements. The technicians also keep a record of the repairs for future reference.

About Masterflow

Masterflow has been supplying quality HVAC systems and repairs to the industrial sector in Australia. Since 1998, the company has provided a comprehensive range of innovative pumps and HVAC equipment to solve engineering and industrial challenges. Masterflow takes pride in its first-class customer service, wide range of premium products and long-standing industry experience.

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