Blockchain in eSport and Gaming

Video game streaming and eSport events are in focus of attention from investors, gaming fans, and hardware manufacturers for a while now.
Main drivers, steering this explosive growth, are media rights on coverage, advertising and sponsorships, each of those had a substantial YoY growth.

Market researchers cite eSports as a universal force and project industry is on track to generate $906 million within 2018, with predicted profits reaching $1.18 billion by 2020.
Esports quite realistically might overtake traditional sports in terms of viewership with over 380 million people expected to watch events throughout 2018.
NewZoo, well known for its gaming insights, estimates that eSports enthusiasts will rocket by 20% in 2018.

Soar of Blockchain is actively overhauling the gaming industry as a whole. A number of blockchain projects are aiming to deliver solutions with a focus on gamers. While most of them are still “work in progress”, such as and Cryptohit, Play2Live, is clearly ahead of the pack already praised as a digital Mecca to hardcore video gamers.
The company recently accomplished first eSports tournament “CryptoMasters”. With the participation of 8 teams. The event was a huge success and it resonated across the cryptoworld, with major media outlets reporting on the news.

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