Italy Cards And Payments Market Market Transaction Values (2017 -2022)

researchFOLKS’ “Italy Cards and Payments Market” report offers a distinct range of possibilities in the market of payment cards along with the accurately validated statistics of operational cards in the market and their total transactional values. It suggests profitable marketing strategies considering the competitive landscape in the market, purchase trends, payments options in online trade and significant government frameworks impacting the overall payment cards market of Italy.
Our report kindles the hidden opportunities with dependable information about different types of card transactions, volumes of cardholders, market proportion, current accounts, increase within the number of cards, credit cards outstanding balances, transactional values, details of the issuers at the side of available banking schemes and futuristic analysis of overall cards and payment marketplace in Italy.

Italy Cards and Payments Market – Highlights of the report:
The emergence of digital banks is accelerating the shift towards electronic payments in Italy. Some of those include mobile-only bank by German-based N26 allowing consumers to conduct banking transactions entirely on their mobile phones, Hello Bank!, by Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), and buddybank, launched by UniCredit Bank offering current accounts, credit and debit cards, personal loans, and 24/7 personal assistance to customers.

Apple launched Apple Pay, Sweden-based company Seamless launched its Seqr mobile payment app, US carrier billing service provider Boku acquired mobileview Italia gaining access to 87 million mobile subscriptions, and PayPal partnered with Vodafone to enable contactless payments by linking customer accounts to the Vodafone Wallet in Italy to benefit from the growing preference of alternative payments.

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The campaigns to increase awareness about the benefits of electronic payments like the No Cash Day Project by the government and national project in association with Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, UBI Banca, Bancomat Consortium, and Banco Popolare were successful in making Bergamo as a cashless city. Citizens there were offered discount coupons and vouchers on a daily and monthly basis resulted in the exceeding target of 611,623 cashless transactions against the set goal of 565,000 transactions in May 2015.

List of companies mentioned in this report are:
Poste Italiane
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro
Intesa Sanpaolo
UniCredit Bank
Banco BPM
BNP Paribas
CartaSi Agos
Banca d’Italia
American Express
Key Questions answered by the report:
What is the market size of the Italy Cards and Payments Market?
What are the major operators and issuers in the Italy?
What is the current state of emerging payment technologies?

Reasons to purchase this report:
Track key industry trends, opportunities and threats related to the Italy Cards and Payments Market and each market within it
Gain insights into the competitive landscape of card issuers for both, debit cards and pay later cards

Gain insights into marketing strategies used by market players for various card types in the Italy
Gain insights into key regulations governing the Italy Cards and Payments Market

Scope of the report:
This report provides an inclusive analysis of the Italy Cards and Payments Market
It provides current values for the Italy Cards and Payments Market for 2017 and forecast figures for 2022
It details the different demographic, economic, infrastructural and business drivers affecting the Italy Cards and Payments Market

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