Chemo Cold Caps: Reduced Hair Loss and More

Dr. James Mackeyexplains why Chemo Cold Caps are more than a hair loss-prevention technology

Southlake, TX, May 05, 2018 – Chemotherapy comes with expected side effects such as fatigue and a weakened immune system. The most common side effect is hair loss and this occurs to both men and women. Many people are attached to their hair for different reasons, all of which are valid. It may therefore be difficult to watch yourself lose it all or in large batches as you continue to battle the monster that is cancer. A possible reprieve from this comes in the form of chemo cold caps. Patients may be able to keep their hair, or at least most of it, with this cold solution.

“While it may seem like an easy thing to lose, hair represents different things for different people”, says Dr. Mackey. “Any attempt to make it better is a welcome addition to helping patients.”

Chemo Cold Caps are built for one thing but they achieve more than they were built for. What they do precisely is:

  • Vasoconstriction – This is how the caps work. The cap is placed on the patient’s head to contract the blood vessels. It has a cooling effect and this is aimed at preventing damage to the hair follicles, which could in turn reduce the chance of hair loss. The cap goes on the head before, during, and after chemotherapy. The first few sessions may be uncomfortable and patients can develop a headache but it gets better.
  • A chance at reduced hair loss – It is not 100 percent guaranteed that the patient’s hair will not be affected. Some patients report thinned hair, some saw no effect while others saw a big difference. For many patients, keeping their hair is one victory as they battle cancer.
  • Positivity – Many patients report feeling more positive about beating cancer when they noticed they were not losing their hair. This technology gives hope and that is an essential part of the treatment process.

“Boosting a patient’s mood and outlook counts for a lot when they have to deal with the many side effects of treatment”, adds Dr. Mackey.

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