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RikRhino Surveillance started out with the aim of protecting African rhinos from being the victim of poaching. The company has expanded their business to business, home and farm security. RikRhino is known in Cape Town for their advanced operating and control system software.

Health and Safety: From protective clothing, gloves to surveillance equipment, you will find different types of protection and surveillance devices at RikRhino. With high-quality PPSS stab resistant vests your body will be protected from sharp-edged weapons. The professionals can also choose from Slash Resistant Clothing, sweatshirts, arm guards, jackets and gloves.

Corporate and Office: It is essential to have a strong security system at workplaces such as to secure company assets as well as for the security of the employees. With RikRhino’s advanced surveillance devices, the security system of the company will have high-quality images, footage and information in real-time. All in all, the security level of the company will improve.

Events Surveillance: When you are organising a large event it is essential to maintain the security level. The surveillance devices offered by RikRhino will enable the event manager to keep an eye on everything and relieve them from security anxieties.

Farming and Wildlife: RikRhino keeps its promise of protecting South Africa’s wildlife by preventing animal poaching, livestock theft. The company offers high-end surveillance devices that run even on solar energy and detect unnatural activities way before the CCTV cameras.

Private and Residential: When you install a surveillance camera from RikRhino, you will be able to take swift actions in case of a burglary attempt. You can even monitor and maintain the outdoors and indoors of your home when you are travelling.

Public Sector: Public safety is a vital aspect and RikRhino also caters to this sector. Body-worn Cameras provided by the company are reliable and captures clear images. They also come with GPRS functionality and password protection.

Site Protection and Logistics: Security is also crucial to the site and logistics sector. Top notch CCTVs and other security cameras from RikRhino Surveillance will help in maintaining the security of cargo, documents, warehouses etc. WCCTV Site towers are also available at RikRhino.

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About the Company
The objective of RikRhino Surveillance is to provide expert solutions in technical security and surveillance. Based in Cape Town, the company reliable and durable security equipment and devices are installed in farming and wildlife, residential and corporate, public sector and logistics sites.

Unit F5, Bayside Office Park, 41 – 43 Erica Road
Table View, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Tel: 021 023 0233