Now Guaranteed Loans with Extended Loan Term Feature

May 28, 2018, London – Loan Bank today has introduced extended loan term as an additional feature. Borrowers are usually worried about the timely repayment of their loans. They are afraid of missed repayments as this can degrade their credit scores. To help them stay stress-free, the company is now facilitating the extension of loan term on guaranteed loans through renewal policy. This policy stretches the duration of the loan period and the borrower gets extra time to pay off the loan.

No extra charges for extended duration

Loan Bank has a great concern for its customers and never tricks them with any kind of extra charges for any additional benefit. This renewal policy is not going to make principal amount bulky because of the absence of the extra charges. While applying, the applicant just needs to mention the requirement of loan extension. Once his repayments start, the implementation of the policy will happen naturally.

The extension of terms will also be applicable on the guaranteed doorstep loans with the same terms and conditions. There are three durations that a borrower can choose from while extending his loan terms. These are (i) 30days (ii) 45days and (iii) 60days.

John Adley, The CEO of the company says – “We are concerned about the borrower’s concern and by allowing the extension of loan tenure, we are trying to calm down the anxieties of the loan applicants. This will inspire them for taking loan. Another good news is – by the end of the next month, we will apply the renewal policy on the unsecured no guarantor loans in which people are usually concerned about the higher interest rates. This new benefit is not a temporary change. It is going to stay always with every loan product we offer. We are strategising our policies to match the new concept of loan term extension renewal policy.”

About Loan Bank

Loan Bank is an online lender with progressive and innovative financial solutions. The loan products offered by the company are free from any kind of discrimination on employment status and credit score status. The deals are flexible and open for the customisation on rates, repayment schedules and now tenure too. The policies of ‘instant approval’ and ‘no early repayment charges’ facilitate speedy funding and stress-free repayments. Borrowers from all walks of life and for any kind of financial need can approach LoanBank 24×7. New loan products with better features will keep coming in the future too. It is an unbreakable promise.

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