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The tedious job of making your presence felt is what Public Relations is all about. Right from the million-dollar giants to a startup business, all conduct PR services to a certain extent. Being a line of professionalism, Public Relations is an experience-driven industry. The more diversified your portfolio is, the more clients will reach out. But just to think of it is a daunting task, it requires years of hard work and determination to build such a portfolio. One inspiring agency who has nailed every aspect of a PR’s working is Iris PR.
This Dubai Digital agency has served some of the very best companies in their respective industries. With clientele ranging from industries of finance, Retail, Real Estate, Technology, Fashion, Trade, Jewelry, Food industry and other, they have truly honed their craft.
Blessed with the master magicians of Strategic PR, Digital, Events and other corporate communication they have managed to merge the personal factor of a small agency and the experience of a brand agency. Their presence is clearly felt in the area of UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Sri Lanka. Clearly, they have surpassed their competition in Digital agencies in Dubai.
Having such a miscellaneous experience helps Iris PR to develop customized plans according to the particular industry. For example, a client in food and beverages business cannot use the strategy implemented in Real Estate. They help you prepare a personalized plan, according to your vision, your industry, and budget. They are blessed with the knowledge of limitations, benefits, best platforms for communication and promotion etc. in your line of work. A rather small or new agency might use your campaign as a test subject to build experience. To easily avoid such situations, just put your bets on an experience organization like Iris Pr.
As a healthy competition, the Public Relations societies conduct annual awards functions. The agency landing the best coverage and clients becomes the recipient of this awards. As the mark of excellence Iris PR was crowned at the UAE Business Awards 2017, was the recipients of Gold at PR world Awards 2017, received ACQ5 Global Awards 2016 for full-service PR agency and more. This has made Iris PER a dominating name in the global PR industry. Also, with hands-on so many countries, the agency has embarked on becoming the fasting growing PR agency of all time. Visit:-