Experience Precision Seeding with K-Line Ag’s CropCommander

K-Line’s CropCommander is a high-precision system that streamlines agricultural processes.

[COWRA, 28/5/2018] – K-Line Ag, a trusted provider of agricultural machinery, supplies functional and efficient agricultural solutions to tackle evolving challenges in the industry. One of the technologies used by the company is the CropCommander, a precision seeding system developed for farmers and agronomists.

K-line Ag developed the system after intensive research and collaboration with agricultural workers. It is a compact and versatile system designed for optimum user-friendliness and enhanced accuracy.

CropCommander Features and Benefits

The CropCommander offers three main advantages: highly precise seeding, deep fertiliser banding and soil disturbance for the development of root structure. Its twin tine system contains a press wheel with adjustable down pressure, with the primary tine responsible for deep banding. It can fold to a width of 3.5 metres for road transportation, has enhanced trash handling capabilities and reduces soil throw for greater operating speeds.

The CropCommander’s high breakout capacity allows for faster root development, enhanced fertiliser uptake and decreased seed burn. Its secondary tine, which is responsible for seeding, eliminates rebound shock from the primary tine. It also provides for accurate ground after seed placement, as well as increased adjustability of the seed placement position. Profile press wheels with adjustable down pressure are also available if necessary.

Additionally, the CropCommander’s high underframe gives it a superior design that allows residue to flow better through the machine. It also has an optional Coulter System that reduces soil throw, increases operating speeds and plows through heavy trash residue.

K-Line Ag’s Values

K-Line Ag believes in the power of using forward-thinking technology to spur agricultural development. The company strives to continuously innovate and embrace change, while at the same time contributing to the wellbeing of its clients in the agricultural sector. To achieve that goal, K-Line Ag builds close relationships with clients based on integrity and trust.

About K-Line Ag

K-Line Ag is a market leader in the agricultural industry. The company aims to contribute to the growth and development of agriculture by providing functional, cutting-edge equipment that improves the livelihood of farmers and agricultural workers.

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