Cryptfunder – A Hybrid Crypto Hedge Fund for 2018 and Beyond

Cryptfunder ( is a hybrid blockchain hedge fund that aims to identify and fund the best projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space in exchange for heavily discounted pre-ICO tokens. It is a hybrid due to several components that broaden Cryptfunder into more than just another hedge fund. They plan on building a solid portfolio of 30 tokens that grow over time and plan to fund multiple blockchain projects per month.

The ICO space is booming, for a lot of reasons. First of all, new and useful innovations are being made every day, solutions that could potentially change the world and disrupt the finance and technology sectors. The second reason is that the ICO boom has attracted a huge amount of projects that are being thrown together to try and gather as much cash as possible, with no real application for their use case.

It’s not as easy as it sounds to tell one from another, and sometimes a project team may think they’re on to something – but they’re not. Someone has already gotten out ahead of them, and their project will never get off the ground. With huge amounts of money being spent on promotion, including press releases, video production, and social media outreach, a lot of these projects look really promising on the surface, but lack substance. That’s where Cryptfunder come in.

ICOs in need of funding will apply to Cryptfunders online application process as candidates for funding. Cryptfunder wants to establish themselves as a household blockchain name for seed crypto-funding. Through their extremely thorough vetting and due diligence process, they will analyze every aspect of an ICO and expert staff will decide if it’s one of the many projects that isn’t going to make it, or if a project has real potential. A great team, innovative technology or a genuine application that hasn’t been patented by anyone else are all factors that Cryptfunder will want to underwrite and be a part of going forward.

Cryptfunder will give these projects everything they need to succeed – funding, guidance, administrative help and marketing connections – their job is to guide these projects to success, whether they’re pre or post ICO, thereby increasing Cryptfunder’s own portfolio in the process.

Cryptfunder 30 (CF30) – A Portfolio of Tokens

Cryptfunder will take roughly 10% of their initial ICO raise and invest in approximately 30 other top tokens, all with a dedicated fund manager handling the selection and investment process. Doing this allows them to further increase their profits and help stabilize the growth of the CFND token as well by taking on low and high risk investments. Reinvesting the CF30 profits back into the portfolio will also help to grow the portfolio.

Cryptfunder Tokens in Exchange for Funding

In exchange for ICO funding and helping each ICO with seed capital, Cryptfunder will receive a heavily discounted sum of the ICOs pre-sale tokens. By doing this, they become invested in the success of each project, and it’s in the best interests to enable them to succeed. The more successful a project is, the more valuable their token becomes, and the more growth potential for Cryptfunder and its’ investors.

The value of the Cryptfunder token, CFND, will mostly be tied to the success of the projects they fund and nurture. In a way, Cryptfunder will operate like a hedge fund – however, in this case they are going to be in the unique position of giving each project value from the very beginning.

Cryptfunder foresees the combined assets of tokens within its’ portfolio, between the CF30 portfolio and the ICOStarter tokens and the Cryptfunder token itself (CFND), to be worth in excess of $1B within 3-6 months post ICO timeframe.

So there you have it – a project that will handpick the best projects the cryptocurrency and blockchain space has to offer and help them reach their full potential with funding and expert guidance. Each success story will bring in more earnings and allow them to fund more developing projects and invest in other high-performing tokens as they generate returns for their investors and help bring innovative, disruptive solutions to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

You can read more about the project in the white paper. Cryptfunder’s ICO is currently live and accepting funds for their CFND token at:

This press release contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. The actual results, performance or achievements may differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements.