Alfresco development – solutions and benefits for business

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The present-day level of intensity of business process changes in companies leaves only two directions to move forward and not to prevent chaos: to integrate efficient IT system of business process management (BPM) or micromanage company’s processes with excessive control. That is the reason why BPM systems have a marked rise nowadays.

What is Alfresco?
Alfresco is a group of information and business process management software products with Java technologies in its core offering Digital Business Platform for enterprises for free and under license. If you are interested in digging deeper into details about Alfresco digital transformation in the company , you can read our previous article.

Before we delve deeper into advantages of Alfresco solutions, let’s make sure everyone is on the same page with generally accepted terms of Alfresco editions.

Community Edition (CE) is a free open community platform supported by Alfresco supposed to be used for non-critical business process or content needs as it states officially. However, in our experience, it is feasible for enterprises of any level if they are enlisted the support of old hand outsourced Alfresco developers join together in teams. It is a good base for researching new features and means of application for the company. You can invent something new and implement it successfully with challenge-driven tech enthusiasts.

Enterprise Edition (EE) is a subscription version of Alfresco platform for businesses sensitive to enterprise-grade features and ongoing updates, appreciated scalability and high performance, which prefer support from Alfresco or certified partners. It differs from the service and support range of the CE but has the same feature set. EE is more recommended for commercial deployment because of greater connectivity required. Available on-premise and in the cloud.

Finding a synergic partner who wants to make headway and will support your growth is a big deal. Aimprosoft Alfresco developers contribute to the Alfresco open source community platform on a regular basis apart from offering custom development services. That is because our mission is beyond just doing our job well. We strive to advance and move up forward.