Certified Fire Protection Safeguards Utah Residences and Businesses with High-Performing Fire Alarms

Recent fire statistics urge people to be more prepared for fire incidents. Certified Fire Protection’s fire alarms pave the way for safety and immediate action.

[SALT LAKE CITY, 05/25/2018] — Certified Fire Protection keeps residents and employees across Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, and Wyoming safe through quality fire alarms. The prompt fire warnings from these alarms help occupants exit residential and commercial properties safely, especially during fire season, when fire incidents are at their peak.

The 2017 Fire Season in Utah

KUTV.com, a Salt Lake City-based news agency, reports that the 2017 fire season was more destructive than the previous year’s. The number of fires in urban areas jumped from 50 in 2016 to over a hundred in 2017. Destroyed homes, meanwhile, increased from 3 to 19.Jason Curry, a state wildlife spokesman, says that the biggest lesson from the past season is that people should always be prepared.

Safety from Fire Hazards

Protection and preparation are at the heart of Certified Fire Protection’s services. It offers high-performing fire alarm systems to various types of properties. It also installs networks of alarms in areas with more than one building, such as real estate developments and higher education campuses. Its team inspects the buildings closely and places the alarms in strategic locations.They also see to it that the products’ specifications meet the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association.

The company’s technicians are highly trained and licensed, so clients can rest assured knowing that their alarm systems are installed correctly. Moreover, the clients get the latest products at affordable prices, thanks to the company’s partnership with trusted brands.

Top-Notch Customer Service

The fire alarms provider puts a tremendous value on its relationships with customers. Its team studies the needs of their homes or buildingsextensively so they can offer the proper product. Moreover, the staff addresses clients’ concerns effectively. The Certified Fire Protection team is available 24/7.

About Certified Fire Protection

Certified Fire Protection is a leading fire protection company in Utah. It has been installing quality fire protection systems in houses and commercial establishments since 2002. It partners with trusted brands, including Amerex, Boss, Milwaukee, and DeWalt, among others.

For more information, visit http://certfire.com/.