Cataract Treatment in Dubai

Cataract is a cloudiness which appears in the lens of an eye and causes decrease in vision. As you know lens of the eye helps us to focus on things and cataract makes it difficult. Cataract generally develops slowly and it can occur in one or both eyes. There are no other known ways to treat cataract rather than a surgery. It can be delayed with the help of different visual aids, but only way to solve this problem, especially in the later stages is a surgery. Surgeries are effective and simple in general but you want to make sure you visit an experienced and reliable clinic. Cataract Surgery is done in a lot of clinics around the UAE, but only few of them are trustworthy. New Vision Eye Center is one of the most successful and best eye clinics in Dubai, offering quality service at all times.

New Vision Eye Center provides various services to treat cataract as there are different kinds of it. Different surgeries are done according to the condition and stage of cataracts. All of these procedures are done professionally with the advanced technologies. They have a team of the best ophthalmologists in Dubai, who provide individual consultations with the patients, diagnosing and deciding which treatment will be the most effective for individual condition and how it is done. One of the most recognized and effective way is an Ultra Cataract Treatment. The surgery takes about 15 minutes. First, a laser is used to soften and break cataract and then it’s removed gently. It is considered to be about 10 times more accurate and effective that other conventional methods. Ultra Phaco Cataract Treatment is a “stitch less” surgery as it is almost absolutely painless. Ultrasound power softens cataract and then it’s sucked out through an incision. The incision heals shortly after the surgery. This procedure doesn’t cause any discomfort and patients recover quickly. Another option is Phacoemulsification which is a modern surgery curing eyes from cataract. The whole process takes about 30 minutes and doctors ensure that lens is restored to the crystalline condition.

New Vision Eye Center has a team of professionals who make sure you are safe and comfortable at all times and get quality services. They use advanced technologies and have a team of highly skilled professionals. They offer high standards in treatment of cataract as well as the other health conditions. They perform varieties of Lasik in Dubai, which is one of the most popular and effective surgeries that solve problems like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and bring sharp and clear vision. They also offer other treatment methods like Retinal treatment, Keratoconus and Refractive errors treatment in Dubai.

New Vision Eye Center was established decades ago and has been striving to become a better, competitive clinic. Their team of world class surgeons will have a quality conversation with you, learning your case thoroughly, offering the treatment method and then making sure the results exceed your expectations. Their clinic is equipped with innovative and advanced technologies.
This clinic has a huge experience in eye care and is the best choice if you are struggling with any eye-related problem.