Best Kid Nursery in Dubai

Kid’s Island Nursery is a kindergarten school in Dubai. It’s been around for nearly 3 decades. The founder Isabelle Amatoury herself has 35 years of experience in early years education. She has applied all her knowledge and experience to her own nursery school.
Kid’s Island Nursery is one of the best nursery schools in Dubai as they provide safe environment, quality education, caring atmosphere and interactive classes. This nursery follows British curriculum (EYFS) which involves engaging, educational and fun activities. They accept children as young as 8 months and no older than 4.

As already mentioned this nursery school follows British EYFS curriculum which is focused on a child development. It helps with developing creativity as well as physical and emotional health. EYFS sets the high standards of learning and developing of a kid in nurseries. At Kid’s Island Nursery they realize that every child is unique and provide positive, caring and friendly relationships. EYFS has 7 main areas of studying and the curriculum is organized based on these areas. 1) Personal, Social and Emotional Development- where they help kids to get involved in various activities. 2) Communication, Language- nurses communicate with the kids all the time to develop their communication and language skills 3)Literacy- nurses teach children basics of reading and writing. 4) Physical Development- children get involved in different games and sports 5) Knowledge and Understanding of the World- educational classes are provided where they start to learn basic things about the earth and humankind, 6)Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy – quizzes and games help children with finding the ways to solve problems. 7) Creative Development Art and Design- they have various art classes where singing, painting, dancing is taught. These spheres of studying help a child to develop and become creative. They create basis of knowledge that children will develop in school. This method is recognized all over the world and that’s what makes Kid’s Island nursery the best nursery in Dubai.

Kid’s Island Nursery has connections with some of the best primary schools in Dubai which provide priority placement to their children. Those schools are Hartland international school, Swiss International Scientific School and etc. The reason of this is that standards and quality of education that children get in Kid’s Island nursery is widely recognized and this nursery is considered as one of the best kid nurseries in Dubai. Their children are emotionally and socially ready to go to primary school. When the time of transition comes Kid’s Island nursery will guide parents and children through this emotional process, will help parents to choose the best among many options of primary schools in Dubai and make sure that transition is smooth.

Kid’s Island Nursery provides a safe and comfortable environment for children. They provide diverse learning opportunities, creative games and fun classes that help children to develop socially and reach their potential. They have a team of professionals who know how to teach children of different age. They have a huge experience and provide exceptional day care in Dubai. If you are looking for a reliable nursery in Dubai with safe environment, professional team, exceptional curriculum and quality service for a reasonable price, Kid’s Island Nursery is the best option.