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Kidney stones are considered one of the most common illnesses. It has a tendency of recurring and this recurrence can be prevented with the right treatment and care. The number of people affected by kidney stone disease is said to be increasing every day. Statistics indicate that the cases of kidney stones have tripled in the last decade. Kidney stones no longer look like small grains; instead they grow in some patients to be several centimeters long. In some patients, a kidney stone might block the urethra resulting in pain in the flank. Kidney stones if cannot be dissolved are often treated using shock-wave therapy.

Many patients suffer from kidney stone recurrence and therefore require treatment. Studies indicate that recurrence can be minimized if patients are treated using revolutionary treatment methods like shock-wave therapy.

Patients are strongly advised to consume plenty of fluids and engage in physical activity to reduce the risk of recurrence of kidney stones. The best dietary advice to prevent this condition is to avoid too much salt with food, incorporate 5 portions of fruits and vegetables with daily meals and maintain a healthy weight. People who consume proper fluid intake are less likely to suffer from kidney stones disease.

The kidneys are similar to a purification system that filters out excess salt and waste products including uric acid contained in protein-rich foods. If urine is often concentrated it can cause kidney stones. This is why the best urologist in Dubai Dr. Shawket Alkhayal advises people to drink water throughout the day. “Kidney stones present with pain”, he says. “There is a persistent lower back pain which travels to the groin, intensifying the pain further. Common symptoms associated with the condition are nausea, increased frequency in urination, pain when urinating and eventually urinary tract infection”.

Dr. Shawket Alkhayal provides information on how to prevent kidney stones.
– Sip little water and often
– During warmer weather consume more water due to fluid loss
– Track urine colour – if it is darker it could indicate dehydration
– Adjust dietary and lifestyle choices

About Dr. Shawket Alkhayal
Dr. Shawket Alkhayal is a top Urologist in the country with more than two decades of experience. He is the Head of Urology at the Benenden Hospital in Kent, Head of Department at the American Hospital in Dubai and established Al Khayal Medical Centre for Urology and Andrology in Dubai in 2014.