Fugoo Offers Virtually Indestructible Tough XL Bluetooth Speakers for the Adventurer at Heart

[IRVINE, 05/24/2018] – When one leads an active lifestyle, having durable accessories while on the go is important. As such, it is necessary for adventurous and active individuals to invest in high-quality and sturdy products.

When it comes to music, adventurers can turn to Fugoo, a company offering a wide range of high-quality Bluetooth speakers specifically designed for people with active lifestyles. For those with extremely active and exciting lives, such as athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and mountaineers, FUGOO’s Tough XL speakers allow them to bring their music to every adventure.

Work Hard, Play Hard

The FUGOO Tough XL model is protected by a polymer jacket with aluminum plating and stainless steel grills, making it virtually indestructible. It allows the user to continue with whatever sports or outdoor activity he or she is doing without having to worry about damaging his/her device.

The speaker can last 35 hours without charging and even has a USB port for charging the user’s phone or tablet. It is waterproof in up to 3.3ft of static water, sand and snow-proof, and shock-resistant at 6 ft. Fugoo assures speaker buyers that they will find the Tough XL worth their money. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a year-long warranty.

Technical Specifications

The FUGOO Tough XL Bluetooth speaker trumps other competitor brands with its multiple unequaled technical specifications. Instead of the traditional four audio drivers, the Tough XL sports eight – delivering better 360-degree sound output.

It can connect wirelessly up to 120 feet outdoors and 33 feet indoors. It features a speakerphone, four tweeters, two mid-woofers, two passive radiators, and other specifications to produce better sound quality. Its speakerphone is compatible with Android and iOS.

About Fugoo

Fugoo provides a line of high-quality “Go Anywhere” Bluetooth speakers. Unlike other products in the market, FUGOO speakers cater to customers with active lifestyles, providing resistance from elements such as water, mud, and more.

Whether it’s camping in the rain, hiking up a mountain, or riding a bike, Fugoo’s range of speakers has the durability and sound fidelity its clients appreciate anywhere they go.

Interested in buying the “Go Anywhere” speaker? Visit https://www.fugoo.com/ today.