Kitchen Flooring Trends By Nexus Flooring For 2018

The kitchen has always been regarded as the power house of a home. Simply put, it has all the potential to look like any other important part of your house. So why underplay the kitchen when it comes to redecorating? Kitchens have changed over the decades, so have the social dynamics with kitchen remodeling. Here are the top kitchens flooring trends in 2018, which are worth your attention.

Grey is not always out of fashion: On a usual note, grey is considered to be a dull and a boring color. However, in the design world, grey is the most sought after color. Choosing grey flooring will add a subtle spacious pop to your interiors, making them look excellent on their own. Use this as the base, and you will be all set to go. Grey is a cool color; contrasting it with some warmer tones of wood will make your kitchen interiors rich and spacious at the same time.

Contrast is the way to go: Contrasting has become the key, when it comes to remodeling your house. Simply put, by using different contrasts between the floors and the walls within your kitchen, you can add the ‘oomph’ factor which might have been missing from your house interiors. Contrast your floors with wooden planks from Nexus Flooring, so that your kitchen looks rustic and colorful at the same time.

Wood as a flooring option would be a best choice: Using Raw structured solid wooden planks or Authentic engineered oak flooring both can be the ideal option for kitchens, given the high levels of prevalent moisture. Wood will add warmth to the surroundings as well as lend a cozy feeling to the interiors. So, engineered oak flooring will be a definite option one should consider in the long run.

Waterproofing your way through vinyl: Kitchens are the most prone to spills and leaks. This is where waterproofed vinyl comes to the rescue. Available in a series of colors, shades and textures, vinyl has emerged as a preferred option for a lot of house owners. It’s waterproofed, so you don’t even have to worry about maintenance, and spending a lot of money in repairs.

These are the top kitchen flooring trends doing the rounds of the market in the year 2018. As the year evolves, so will these flooring trends, which will eventually become the top trends to look out for.