Iron Edison’s Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Maximizes the Efficiency of Solar Houses

Using a revolutionary new product, Iron Edison provides solar-powered homes a safe, reliable, and efficient solution for their energy storage issues.

[DENVER, 5/23/2018] – Homeowners with solar-powered homes can maximize the efficiency of their alternative energy production with the use of Iron Edison’s line of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Solar Batteries

Normally, a solar-powered home works by collecting solar energy from solar panels, then sending that energy to an inverter, where it is then used to power the electrical systems of a house. At night, or when the sky is overcast enough that the solar panels cannot collect energy, the house relies on city power.

With a solar battery, however, excess energy that isn’t used during the day is stored, reducing the house’s reliance on city power. Moreover, any unused excess energy is sent back to the city’s power grid. In some cities, homeowners who contribute to the city’s power supply receive credit on their electricity bill.

Iron Edison’s Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

The Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is a revolutionary type of energy storage battery from Iron Edison. The batteries are built to be compatible with industry-standard inverters, charge controllers, and other solar power energy systems.

Iron Edison’s Lithium Iron Batteries have a unique electrochemical composition that allows for greater energy storage capacity than conventional energy storage devices. Plus, these batteries are smaller and more efficient than their lead acid counterparts.

Compared to lithium ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries have better thermal stability which minimizes the risk of thermal runaway. This helps the lithium iron phosphate battery to retain more energy and store it for longer.

About Iron Edison

Iron Edison is one of the country’s leading provider of solar batteries and solar energy products. Their technology is founded on Thomas Edison’s original idea for a lithium-based battery that can store energy more efficiently. Iron Edison has taken that revolutionary idea and upgraded it for use in modern times. To learn more about their products, visit their website at