Advantages of the In-Home Care Skilled Nurses

When your elderly loved one has been diagnosed with a chronic illness or is just getting out of the hospital after surgery and needs support to recover, you may not always know how to deal with their situation. You aren’t alone. Most family caregivers struggle with providing care and support to their aging parents or other loved ones especially because they are not trained professionals who have experience with such things. This is where a home health caregiver or a skilled nurse can help.

Here are the advantages of hiring a skilled in-home care nurse for your elderly loved one.

Post-Surgical Recovery
When your loved one has just had a surgery, their life may change when they get out of the hospital and back into their home. During their hospital stay, all of their needs would have been tended to by the hospital staff but at home, they have to do all those things themselves as well as recover.

You can’t always be with them, but an in-home skilled nurse and/or caregiver can ensure they get the best quality care they need to recover quickly and completely.

Wound Care
Any post-surgical wounds need to be dressed and cared for properly. It can be hard for an aging loved one to dress a wound properly but a skilled nurse is trained to address this. They can stop by your loved one’s home and dress wounds to help prevent infection and improper healing. Skilled nurses can also help with –
• Catheter care
• COPD and CHF program
• Feeding tube care
• Bowel/bladder training, and more

Medication Management
Medications may get complicated with age and you need to ensure that your loved one takes them properly. A skilled nurse can organize even the most complicated medications and injections.

While you or your loved one may be able to handle pill bottles, you definitely need the help of a trained professional for administering intravenous medications.
End-of-Life Care
It can be hard to watch an aging loved one go through the process at the end of their life. If they want to stay at home and not move to a nursing facility, you may be worried about them going through any pain or suffering. A skilled nurse can provide the right care and support so that you don’t have to handle the situation alone during this difficult time. This will also allow you quality time with your loved one while the nurse can take care of health-related issues.

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