Positive Impressions’ Products Keep Veterinary Practices on Top of Clients’ Minds

Veterinary cards work well in building repeat business while keeping clients up-to-date on their pets’ care. Positive Impressions, LLC offers an extensive collection of quality, customizable reminder cards.

[BLACK RIVER FALLS, 22/5/2018] – Experts say veterinary cards rank high on the list of effective tools that help build repeat business while keeping clients updated on their pets’ care. Positive Impressions, LLC creates quality, customizable cards that help veterinarians keep their practice on top of clients’ minds while providing polite reminders to keep pet health a priority.

Polite Reminders, Solid Client Base

According to veterinary business consultant Karyn Gavzer MBA, CVPM, reminder cards do more than remind clients to take better care of their pets: it is also a powerful tool to build repeat business.

Practice consultant, Wendy Myers agrees, calling reminders the top strategy for business growth. She says, moreover, that adapting reminder methods based on today’s trends is just as important. Customize the reminder cards to reflect the practice’s standards of care, for instance. Sending weekly reminders is also more likely to get clinic doors swinging instead of sending postcards once or twice a month.

Veterinary reminder cards work in two ways: these help veterinarians promote their practice and provide straightforward, thoughtful reminders to prioritize their pet’s health.

Fully Customizable Veterinary Reminder Cards

True to their name, Positive Impressions, LLC offers reminders cards that veterinarians can customize to reflect their practice. Veterinary clinics may modify the cards to include their name, contact number, address and logo, as well as the practice’s tagline or motto. These cards are made from high-quality materials using top-of-the-line printing techniques, to deliver clear images and value-for-money finished products.

The reminder cards are also available in seasonal and holiday designs. Customers may choose from hundreds of eye-catching styles for any occasion or need.

About Positive Impressions, LLC

Positive Impressions, LLC has been in the business of helping veterinarians create positive first impressions since 2008. They carry an extensive selection of customizable products that keep veterinary practices in the minds of pet owners. Their catalog features top-quality, attention-catching veterinary reminder cards, calendars, postcards, supply bags, and more which send clients the message that they are appreciated.

To see their catalog or to learn more about the company, visit http://positiveimpressionsllc.com.