Compare Lender Panel Solicitors with Conveyancing Supermarket

Conveyancing Supermarket’s online services offer property owners a simple way to scout for reliable solicitors at reasonable prices.

[RADCLIFFE, 22/05/2018] – Conveyancing Supermarket helps property owners taking out a mortgage find reliable lender panel solicitors in a hassle-free manner. The company provides an online service that allows customers to compare quotes from a variety of conveyancing specialists.

Comparing Lender Panel Solicitors Online

Conveyancing Supermarket believes that the process of scouting for reliable conveyancers and solicitors should not be a burden to property owners. The site has a search tool that lets customers view quotes from various conveyancers. To access the information, customers need to fill out an online questionnaire detailing their specifications. Customers do not need to provide any personal information.

For mortgages, Conveyancing Supermarket recommends hiring a certified solicitor from a mortgage lender’s panel to avoid hiring unapproved solicitors or incurring extra costs. Conveyancing Supermarket’s roster is composed of the most trusted and recommended legal experts in the field. They will ensure that their clients are frequently updated and kept in the loop about the status of their transaction. Customers obtain consultations and legal services online at a fixed rate.

Additionally, customers may also receive conveyancing advice from any of Conveyancing Supermarket’s solicitors, free from obligation. Conveyancing Supermarket recommends comparing property valuations before contacting a lender panel solicitor, to give their clients a better hand during property negotiations.

Additional Services and Benefits

Conveyancing Supermarket provides a host of other services to help ease the home buying and selling process. In addition to comparing quotes, the site also has a dedicated stamp duty calculator to help customers monitor any changes in stamp tax rates.

Once buyers sign up on the site, the site adds retention on top of their mortgage offer. Lenders hold part of the balance after the completion of construction works.

About Conveyancing Supermarket

Conveyancing Supermarket is an online service that allows home buyers and sellers to compare quotes from a panel of dedicated, trustworthy conveyancers. Other services include a dedicated stamp calculator. The service is easily accessible and hassle-free.

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