Nimbus Tutorials Pvt Ltd – Best Institute for Entrance Preparation in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

In this modern age, finding a philanthropic heart seems to be a challenging task. Proving this statement wrong, Mr. Vinay Kumar Rana, Founder & Director of Nimbus Tutorials Private Limited, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh has left no stone unturned to facilitate the students with all the advanced technologies at his best. Mr. Vinay founded this premier entrance preparation institute to provide affordable education to the children of Arunachal Pradesh with the aim of building their career for a brighter future. He understood that being struck with lacks of education resources, the citizens of his hometown, would never be able to compete with the real competition outside their small world.

Today, Nimbus Tutorials Pvt Ltd has been established as one of the successful engineering and medical entrance preparation institute in Itanagar. The perseverance and dedication of the faculty played perfectly with the hard work of the students in shaping their careers when year after year students started clearing India’s major toughest entrance examinations like IIT-JEE, NEE, NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, BITSAT, APJEE and many more. Their colors of success started spreading like a wildfire. Mr. Vinay says, “Education is a movement from darkness to light. It is a weapon which can bring revolution to this world.” He further adds, “The success of Nimbus Tutorials lies in the hard work of its students who want to change their future for the betterment of our nation.” While, the citizens of this beautiful state believes that the backbone of this institute lies in the soul of its founder Mr. Vinay Kumar Rana who is a man with a golden heart.

The special entrance courses of Nimbus comprises of intensive training in the domains of engineering and medical preparation. With the help of their special test series, intensive crash courses along with the integrated courses and builder courses, they know how to prepare a student perfectly for the examination he is aiming for. Their CBSE-cum-classroom programs are well-designed for the younger brains of classes IX, X, XI and XII which aims to nurture and expand the horizons of their minds. With classroom study, they believe in imparting the blend of practical exposure to build the foundation of the basics more clearer. Their attempt to focus on each individual has not only helped in clearing the examinations but ignited a spark of confidence in them.

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