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Didericksen Memorial, a funeral home based in Utah, provides high-quality options for burial enclosures that provide protection against subsoil elements and heavy maintenance equipment in cemeteries.

[GRANTSVILLE, 04/24/2018] – Didericksen Memorial offers an array of premium and economical burial enclosures. The company explains that these enclosures provide outstanding durability and gives protection against subsoil elements as well as the weight of heavy equipment that cemeteries use for maintenance.

Clients can choose from a range of vaults depending on the kind of protection they want.

Basic Protection

According to Didericksen Memorial, basic protection products are constructed using single-reinforced and feature concrete mixed with plastic-reinforcement for strength.

Standard Protection

These double-reinforced products are made of stainless steel, high-strength concrete, and plastic to provide durable inner protection. Didericksen Memorial says that double-reinforcement protects the casket against external elements, from subsoil to maintenance tasks.

Products from this series come with Memorialization Plus™ and personalization options with the Wilbert Legacy Series™ prints of Life’s Reflections® appliqués.

Premium Protection

This collection provides high-quality durability with a long-lasting protection. For a triple-reinforcement, The Wilbert Bronze is ideal, while the Bronze and Copper Triune collections provide double-reinforced protection. Much like the previous series, the premium protection comes standard with the Memorialization Plus™ and the Wilbert Legacy Series™ prints. It also features the Wilbert Legacy Custom Series prints and Life’s Reflections® or Personalization Plus™.

Didericksen Memorial understands that family and friends want to pay their respects to a loved one and honor a life well-lived. In opting for the company’s personalized casket vaults, clients can offers various use words, images, and symbols that represent one spirit.

About Didericksen Memorial

Didericksen Memorial is a funeral home in Grantsville, Utah. The experienced funeral directors of the company guide clients throughout the funeral service with dignity, compassion, and respect. Didericksen Memorial provides customized funeral services to meet the needs of each family – from casket choices to funeral flowers.

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