Don’t let cost of creating an app ruin your SDLC plans

To understand what does it cost of creating an app, we have to explore the different variables that affect the cost of creating an app. It is important to understand the variations in hourly rates prior to calculating the total cost of creating an app.
As much as we would like to put a finger on a cost of creating an App, we come up only with an estimate, because each app development process involves many factors that collectively influence the cost of creating an App.
Now let’s look at what factors together make the cost of creating an app.

Business app Model: The hunt to build an app starts with your business plan and your business model for bringing in revenue. Every factor that plans your business model will determine what your app needs, thus, influence the cost of creating an app.

Android vs Apple platform: Once you determined what your app needs to do and who it need to reach, you will need to decide on a platform for its creation. You can build an app on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows Phone, the Web or all together. Based on the platform you select, the cost of creating an app is going to vary.

Features: After deciding on the platform, it’s time to simply engage in developing an app. The features of an app you’re hoping to develop as well as its technical requirements are going to be the solitary most important element in the cost of creating an app.

Design: As we know customers buy with their eyes. When it comes to app development, the design matters a lot and the cost of creating an app will vary. To look great, your app will need an icon, a splash screen, interface elements, buttons and many other features that attract users to engage with it.

Freelancer vs Agency: The type of developer you choose will have a big impact on the cost of creating an app. There are 3 basic categories of developers you can choose from:
Small agency
Large agency
We hope that after exploring the above factors it may be possible for you to make an estimate of the cost of creating an app. You can be confident about the factors involved in mobile application development process and what constituents together make the cost of creating an app. If you still have any query then simply contact Suma Soft. We are globally trusted Android app development outsourcing company and we would love to assist you. For more information get in touch with-

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