K-Line Ag Offers a Solution to Soil Compaction with the MAXXRIPPER®

To provide seeds with nourishment sufficient for optimal growth, K-Line Ag offers the MAXXRIPPER®, a machine specifically built for deep ripping compacted soil. The application of the machine delivers better plant growth and increased crop yield.

[COWRA, 17/04/2018] – K-Line Ag, a specialist in sustainable and innovative farming solutions, provides a solution to the soil management process, specifically to soil compaction. The MAXXRIPPER® works with a deep ripping mechanism that allows essential moisture and nutrients into the soil.

Preparing Compacted Soil for Efficient Plant Growth

Weather conditions and repeated pressure from farming tools compress the soil, making it unsuitable for seed germination and plant growth. When seeds are planted on compacted soil, the plants are more likely to wither immaturely and grow weak and stunted.

Deep ripping is a preparation process to loosen soil and make it more suitable for seed germination. The deep ripping mechanism provides enough room for the soil to absorb nutrients and moisture needed for plant growth.

Made for deep tillage work and breaking hard pans, K-Line Ag’s MAXXRIPPER® is an agricultural machine built with deep ripping tynes that break up compressed soil to a depth of approximately 600 millimetres.

This process of deep ripping soil is essential for improving soil efficiency, plant growth and production of crop yields. The MAXXRIPPER® promotes better moisture absorption, higher yield production and healthier plant growth.

Using the MAXXRIPPER® for Sunflower Crops

In the southern districts of New South Wales, farmers know the challenges of planting sunflowers due to the low amount of rainfall in the summer. K-Line Ag stepped in with the MAXXRIPPER® to address the problem.

With the MAXXRIPPER®, farmers achieved the desired results by planting sunflowers in deeply tilled paddocks. The sunflower plants were able to receive essential moisture and nutrients from the subsoil as a result of the deep ripping process.

About K-Line Ag

Coming from a farming background, the founders of K-Line Ag understand the challenges of Australia’s farming industry. Each product in their range is built and tested to meet agricultural challenges.

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