Ahimsa Silk and Khadi – The Fabric of Freedom and Harmony Fashion For A Cause … Celebrating the heritage and glory of Khadi and Ahimsa Silk, the Fabric of Freedom and Harmony

New Delhi 14th April, 2018: New Delhi Social Workers’ Association (NDSWA) in collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy and with the support of KHADI-KVIC, Ministry of Textiles and Dr. Udit Raj, Hon`ble MP, promoted Khadi and Silk at a global level. This is the dream of our Hon’ble Prime Minister.This show was celebrated on the occasion of Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti at the Indonesian Embassy. This initiative is taken under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana, Dr. Udit Raj has been working towards providing skill training and employment especially to the disabled designers and will be showcasing his constituency’s works and promoting the indigenous fabrics of India.

Khadi is actually the National Fabric of India and has always been the guiding and uniting factor for us through the struggle for freedom and led us to independence. This is the best of the organic fabric and has the global appeal; we just need to provide it with a global platform. That is why our endeavour to Showcase the Khadi & Ahimsa Silk through Fashion Show at different Embassies and venues of importance to give it a global platform.

This Fashion Show is the best way to showcase the power and appeal of Khadi by bringing in the differently abled designers and the country’s leading designers like Charu Parashar, Diksha Khanna, Pallavi Singh, Rina Dhaka, Varun Bahl and have lent their full support besides participation and mentored the women to create some very contemporary and stunning designs and dresses. Guests spotted at the event were MOS Vijay Goel, Entrepreneur Maneesh Baheti, Sandeep Jajodia – Chairman and Managing director of Monnet Ispat & Energy, Dr. Praveen Kumar, Ishika Taneja, Bhawna, IFS Officer Hitesh Rajpal, Wedding Planner Dimple Anand with Jewellery Designer Pooja Juneja and many more.
Ms. Ishika Taneja, Miss World Tourism India 2016-17 is our Ambassador to promote Fashion for a Cause.

Dr. Udit Raj, MP said “ This is the time for elites and designers to outreach the villages to empower the women in particular and I am happy there are a few designers like Charu Prashar, Varun Bahl, Rina Dhaka among others have the heart to get involved in philanthropy and promotion of skill training in rural India. I have adopted 3 villages namely Jaunti, Khampur & Salahpur Mazra under the Saansad Aadarsh Gram Yojana. People of the villages are trained in different skill but that will hardly be of any use if it doesn’t turn into a good earning. Not only the ideals of Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna (SAGY) were implemented but true women empowerment targets have also been fulfilled. As all villages are planned and developed by women namely Smt. Rekha Vohra, Ms. Yogita & Ms. Lehar Sethi and to encourage these ideals the only NGO namely New Delhi Social Workers Association has come forward to showcase above objectives at its cost.”
Mr. Gaurav Grover, President of NDSWA said “This association will give Khadi & Silk a platform to present India in an international market, also that will encourage designers to work with this fabric. It will give immense pleasure to NDSWA to get associated with such initiative and make familiar Indian fabric to the global market and highlight the favourite project of our Hon`ble Prime Minister.”

H.E. Mr. Sidharto Suryodipuro, Ambassador of Indonesia to India said “Empowering women has always been a priority for us in Indonesia, as part of our efforts for better gender equality and people’s welfare. We at the Embassy of Indonesia in New Delhi are very pleased to be part of this noble and exciting initiative. The artful work presented in this Fashion Show exhibits both the glory of Indian fabrics, as well as the strength of India’s social fabric and sense of solidarity. This is an inspiring project. We are happy to be part of this collaboration and to help resonate the message of social solidarity and gender equality to the Indian and Indonesian audience, as well as to all communities the world over.”

This association will enhance the presence of Indian fabric around the globe. This will foster many designers to support the initiative that will generate employment for the women at the village.

About (NDSWA)

New Delhi Social Workers Association and Miracle Solutions are dedicated to contributing and having a positive impact on its society and nation. They believe that by investing in social service, they create and foster a healthy society to live. As an active facilitator since 1948, they have encouraged, designed and executed projects and camps for the betterment of our society in the fields of healthcare, water, better hygiene and living conditions, good health, sports and education and adult literacy, woman empowerment, building & encouraging communal harmony and sensitising people about their basic & fundamental rights.