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Killeen, TX/2018: After school programs are being increasingly sought after for the immense benefits they have on the personalities of students. The programs not only help students excel in school, but also helps them become good citizens, inspired to lead healthy and productive lives. If you are considering to enroll your kid into an after school program, then its best to join Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas.

Formed in 1964, the club enables youngsters to maximize their potential by learning how to increase their productivity and becoming caring and responsible citizens. The club is committed towards providing an environment in which children can safely learn, explore and grow. They are exposed to various life-enhancing programs and experiences to shape up their characters. The club is spread over 25 sites at present in 8 communities across Central Texas.

The After School Programs

Character And Leadership Programs – Activities are organized for kids from 6 to 18 years of age. They are encouraged to serve the club, community and their families. Their public speaking abilities are brushed up in addition to working on their moral character and teaching them life goals. Youth of the year, Torch clubs, Keystone clubs and Goals for growth are after school programs in this category.

Education And Career Programs – These programs at the club help students improve their academic and practical skills. They include Project Learn, Goals for Graduation, Power Hour, Career Launch, Junior Staff Career Development, Skill Tech, Skill Tech II and Money Matters.

Health & Life Skills Program – The program prepares kids for life by making them emotionally, socially and physically stronger. It includes programs like Cavity-Free Zone, SMART Moves, SMART Girls, SMART Leaders, Passport to Manhood and Triple Play’s Healthy Habits.

The Arts Programs – They help youngsters discover their talent and foster creativity and imagination through various art and craft activities. It includes National Fine Arts Exhibit Program, Image Makers National Photography Contest, Digital Arts Suite and Festivals, Summer Music Camp for Teens, Drama Matters etc.

Sports & Recreations Programs – These programs help children develop physical fitness, improve interpersonal skills, appreciate the environment and utilize leisure time positively.

For more information on the after school programs by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, call at (254) 699-5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX-76541. You can also log on to for additional information.