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Businesses in the food industry can experience quick and cost-efficient ready meal packaging with PAKSMART’s PB60AL Wraparound Cartoner. The machine contains features that enhance food packaging processes.

[North Rocks, 12/4/2018] – PAKSMART, a leading provider of full-service packaging solutions in Australia, presents the PB60AL Wraparound Cartoner, the solution for fast and cost-efficient ready meal packaging processes in the food and beverage industry.

The PB60AL Wraparound Cartoner

The PB60AL Wraparound Cartoner is the ideal solution for food businesses that rely on quick and cost-efficient ready meal packaging operations. The equipment is designed to accommodate the sleeving or banding of ready meal trays, pots and tubs. The machine glues the sleeve either to a tray or to a very tight-fitting sleeving around a tray. The PB60 is typically used for creating convenient meal packaging that only needs heating, easing consumption for consumers.

Key Features of the Machine

PAKSMART designs and manufactures its packaging machines with a focus on meeting user requirements. The key features of PB60AL Wraparound Cartoner include:

• Made of stainless steel and anodised aluminium components that provide excellent resistance to corrosion
• Easy machine access for operators and maintenance personnel
• Hygienic debris fall through design with a 100mm ground clearance and full cleaning access
• Omron photo electrics
• HMI keypad display
• ISO pneumatics
• Servo driven friction drive carton blank delivery system
• Separate stations for individual functions resulting in higher speed and greater efficiency

All components of the PB60 are sourced in Australia. By design, the equipment aims to maximise production rates and enhance packaging processes for the workers in the food and beverage industry.

About PAKSMART Machinery

PAKSMART is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of well-designed, robust and durable equipment that improve the automation of packaging processes. The company has an enduring commitment to supplying machinery that increases productivity, meets individual requirements and simplifies operations for packaging businesses. With over 18 years in the industry, PAKSMART continues to serve Australian food, pharmaceutical and contract packaging partners.

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