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San Francisco, CA – Ranging from industrial energy to medical intervention, job selection all the way to finding the exact GIFs, AI is obviously one of the defining trends of the tech world. In order to make more efficient decisions, algorithms are incredible aids to every tech user. As for keyboard developers, who are also extremely data-driven and efficiency-based, AI has never been out of their sights since its birth.

After all, facts do speak louder than any empty talk. By strictly following the privacy protection act of each country, Typany always devoted to protecting privacy by guaranteeing cyber security.

Yes, we all have to admit that AI performs far more sufficient and accurate than human in most settings. However, mathwashing, a term to describe a tendency to attribute objectivity to technology is also worth enough attention. Have you ever experienced such scenarios when you try to search for a certain object on the website but some other unwanted stuff shows up? No matter is it sensitive, violent or full of discrimination, we certainly do not want our children or even ourselves to be influenced by those unpleasant things. For keyboard developers, how to avoid this and achieve truly bias-free is definitely a big challenge too. What Typany provides is the extra manual review on every items in the app before they are presented to users. Typany developers are fully aware of the different taboos and sensitivity issues of every country. Because of that, they already have different manual review criteria based on country. Every sticker, GIF and word that appear on the app have all been already reviewed twice.

Users’ contribution

For most layman, AI is literally a huge ‘Black Box’. “It is true that we can receive the results and use them without any second thought”, people can’t help but wonder, “still, we don’t know how they work. It seems like we are controlled by machines already.” In a world that is almost governed by data and algorithm, what we need is a taste of humanism.

Typany allows the maximization of personalization and encourage users to get involved and create by themselves. Black Box is not going to be that ‘dark and dull’ if we decorate it with colorful confetti and exclusive package. Ultimately, technology is developed to promote human well-being rather than for robots to dominate the world.

I call this using Typany to scale the human mind, not replace it. The human brain is the most elegant computer in existence. We process millions of sensory inputs automatically and constantly, allowing us to learn and respond to our environment.

Imagine how we would type every single word with Typany AI?


Typany Keyboard App is powered by Sogou, well known in China for its language input method, universally employed by Chinese users. Sogou has been developing smartphone software since 2006. Its Keyboard App, Typany Keyboard, has harnessed AI technology to provide a performance edge and improved customer experience. Typany’s mission is to team with users to bring the smartest, most diverse, time-saving solution to billions more people worldwide.

Yami Sun, Product Marketing Manager
Company: Typany Keyboard
Address: Typany Keyboard, 9th Floor, Internet Plaza, No.1 Park, Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100084, China