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Residents of Highland Park, New Jersey, can turn to Lasting Smiles of Highland Park for a comprehensive list of services for all their dental needs.

[HIGHLAND PARK, 04/02/2018] – Residents of Highland Park, New Jersey looking for a trusted family dentist to service all their dental needs do not have to look any further than Lasting Smiles of Highland Park, a local dentistry practice with a comprehensive list of dental services.

Comprehensive Dental Treatment & Services

Led by Dr. Ruma Anand, the Lasting Smiles team offers a more comprehensive treatment by identifying the cause of the patient’s dental issues, instead of simply treating the problem. As such, patients not only get their immediate dental problem treated but also enjoy long-term preventative care.

The practice’s list of services includes:

1. Implant Dentistry
2. Cosmetic Dentistry
– Veneers
– Whitening
– Bonding
– Inlays and Onlays
3. Endodontics
– Root Canals
4. Pediatric Dentistry
– Dental Sealants
5. Restorative Dentistry
– Bridges
– Crowns
– Dentures
– Bonding
6. Periodontics
– Arestin
– Periodontal Disease
– Scaling and Root Planing
7. Other Dental Services
– Dental Hygiene
– Invisalign
– Night Guards
– Teeth Whitening

Advanced Dental Technology

Along with its comprehensive list of services, Lasting Smiles of Highland Park uses the latest developments in dental technology to improve its patients’ overall experience. Procedures which once required multiple dentist appointments can now be done in just one session.

The dental technology and equipment it uses –– specifically, the intraoral camera, rotary endodontics, and digital x-ray –– provide several benefits. This makes the treatment and consultation convenient for its patients by reducing the overall duration of appointments and making treatment comfortable. These procedures also allow for non-invasive techniques that take the pain out of dental procedures and hasten recovery.

About Lasting Smiles of Highland Park

Lasting Smiles of Highland Park is a family dental practice located in Highland Park, New Jersey. Headed by Dr. Ruma Anand, the practice provides quality dental care for patients of all ages.

Using a family-friendly approach to dentistry, Lasting Smiles of Highland Park makes sure its clients will enjoy the clean and warm atmosphere of the office whenever they visit.

For all dental issues, contact to request an appointment today.