Top 4 unseen features cost of app development

Cost of app development depends on many features. Many people get shocked to know that cost of app development could be over six digits. It doesn’t mean you should get dissuaded from mobile apps.
Many businesses develop an app without knowing the true cost of app development. The factors usually considered for the cost of app development are few. The reality is that the huge expense comes with the unseen technology that isn’t visible to users but actually runs the application.
Here are the top 4 unseen features cost of app development that might surprise you

App store cost: Getting an app into the market is cheap but not free. The fee ranges around $99 per year for Apple, a one-time of $49 and $99 in Windows and a one-time payment of $25 for Google Play. Creating native apps and distributing through app store increase the cost of app development.
Cross-platform development: For the Cross-platform native application you need to build mobile applications for multiple platforms. If you want that application to work on a different mobile platform, you need different programing language. In simple creating the cross-platform native apps isn’t a single development project. However, hybrid apps can work on separate platforms with little tweaks. This may drive up the cost of app development.
Cost of Data storage: App development has two processes: Front-End and Back-End. The front end is what users see, while the back end is where the data is stored. If you build a data-driven application, you must build storage costs into your plan. However, if you are hosting your data on cloud storage, there would be monthly hosting charges that vary upon the amount of data stored which may affect the cost of app development.
Support and maintenance costs: App development is not a one time project, it is an ongoing process. You have to fix bugs, update security patches, update an app with improved features, updated OS, support users, and more. These post-installation updates are an expensive part that increases the cost of app development.

If you desire to make your app attracting more audience than ‘Marketing’ is the solution. So, marketing may drive up the cost of app development but is as important as good development.
These are the 4 unseen cost of app development. Suma Soft, globally trusted Android app development company will get the best results for your business and ensure you to provide reasonable cost of app development. To get your app developed, feel free visit>>>

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