India’s Automated Drop shipping Platform

Are you thinking about starting an online business, but unsure of where to source your products from? Wondering where to find suppliers selling at wholesale prices? If yes, drop shipping might be the answer you’re looking for .But what exactly is drop shipping? It is a business model where you, the store owner, do not keep stock of the products being sold on your website. Instead, you forward all your orders to a manufacturer or wholesaler, who ships them to your end customer. You earn your profits gaining on the difference amount between the wholesale price and retail price. If you are able to work out the processes well, you can go ahead and increase your sales from a number of products you get from your drop-shippers. How are manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and drop-shippers different from each other? A manufacturer is the first person in a supply chain. He is someone who creates and produces their own products, usually at a factory or workshop. The distributors purchase directly from the manufacturers and sell across to wholesalers. These wholesalers in turn sell to retailers. Some distributors play the role of wholesalers and sell to retailers. A drop-shipper is someone who keeps stock of the goods and is ready to ship products when orders are forwarded to him. Looking to tap into a niche market or trying to deal with multiple categories?? Your search ends here, with access to all of our products feeds you will be able to cater to all the needs of your customers and generate hefty revenue in the comfort of your house and with just a laptop.

Shipyaari has everything you need to easily run your drop shipping business in India. Drop shipping in India is a great cost-effective way for new entrepreneurs to start an e-commerce business. Drop shipping allows an entrepreneur to sell products online without having to carry inventory or ship out products making it a low-risk business model for those just starting out. The best part of drop shipping is that you only buy your customers products after they’ve made the purchase on your store saving you more money. Indian drop shippers are free to market their businesses to those outside of India but it’s evident that the Indian e-commerce market will continue growth making it a worthwhile market. To get more details about visit?—

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