Elisiontec Announced To Offer Multi-tenant IP PBX Solution for IT Companies

Recently, in a press conference many big VoIP companies appeared. A representative of Elisiontec was also part of the event and he made an announcement about their multi-tenant IP PBX Solution. According to the shared details, the offered multi-tenant IP PBX Solution is specifically designed for IT companies and meet its communication and collaboration needs.

“IT companies are one of those industry verticals that deal with a lot of communication in routine. They need to keep their staff connected in different departments as well as if it has multiple branches, it has to connect all different branches under an omnichannel communication solution. The multi-tenant IP PBX Solution is the perfect omnichannel VoIP solution that provides a complete communication and collaboration solution to the IT companies. Using the stated omnichannel VoIP solution, the IT companies can use advanced telephony features. The most important benefit of the multi-tenant IP PBX System for internal communication of an IT company is it becomes almost free. Yes, the multi-tenant IP PBX Solution makes internal communication almost free. It will save a huge amount of money in internal communication. Also, it will provide a quick mode of communication compared to chat and email. Thus, it will help in increasing productivity of staff.”, shared spokesperson of the Elision Technolab LLP.

“The multi-tenant IP PBX Solution is furnished with advanced VoIP phone system. Thus, it provides a complete telecommunication ecosystem to an IT company. The incoming calls from vendors, customers and prospects can be attended in a better way. Also, some of the key features of this multi-tenant IP PBX Solution helps in creating a great Brand image of the company. This helps in converting more leads and increasing client satisfaction. The multi-tenant IP PBX Solution is a VoIP based software solution that is easy to use and maintain. Moreover, the VoIP calling is much cheaper than traditional telecommunication. This will help in additional saving on telecommunication investment.”, shared the spokesperson of the company.

Solution, which are listed below:
• Caller ID
• Voicemail
• Call forwarding
• Call Waiting
• Music on Hold
• Call Park and Call Pickup
• 3-way conferencing
• Whitelist
• Blacklist
• Call logs
• Call Detail Reports
• And more
The Multi-tenant IP PBX solution is complete software that provides everything you need to empower communication and collaboration of an IT company. Furthermore, it helps in increasing staff productivity and decrease expenses over communication by providing cheap yet high-quality communication.

According to the shared details by the spokesperson of the company the offered multi-tenant IP PBX Solution is a perfect communication tool for any IT company and it is available at affordable rates. The spokesperson of the company invited everyone to visit http://www.elisiontec.com/product/multi-tenant-ip-pbx-solution/ to explore more details about the offered solution.

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