We Have Skilled Professionals for Cleaning Soot and Smoke Damage in GA

After a fire, you will be left with not only burnt structures and furnishings but also soot and smoke damage. One of the common work involved with treating a home after fire damage is the removal of soot and smoke. This is essential in order to avoid further damage to your valuables and maintaining a fresh air. Service Master by Love joy will handle the smoke and soot removal as well as deodorizing service to help you keep your mind at peace. Soot is a black powdery substance produced by incomplete burning of something. It may stain your draperies and carpets. Prior to deodorizing, soot should be removed using a heavy chore vacuum. It only takes an hour or a few for items made of brass, aluminum, chrome, marble, tile, porcelain, and textiles to be damaged by soot. Smoke is more harmful than you may think. It affects your health and your properties too. The air becomes acidic and when the moisture in the air combines with the corrosive smoke, etches on your item’s surface will start to occur. Service Master by Love joy handles corrosion control. The process of minimizing the harmful damage of acrid smoke to your property by stopping the effect of corrosive acrid gases to the surfaces of your valuables. Our corrosion control crew will work hard especially with the affected areas in order to save those items that are still worthy to be saved. These items will then be cleaned through odor control and detailed cleaning solutions combined with ultrasonic wave technologies to restore them back to their original condition. Let Service Master by Love joy take care of you and your valuable possessions. Call us at 678-293-0297 for fire damage restoration in McDonough, Atlanta, Conyers, Forest Park, Jonesboro, Stockbridge, GA and surrounding areas.

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