WALK-WINN Proves High-Quality Boat Covers Can BeAffordable, Too

[LITTLE ROCK, 2/15/2018] – WALK-WINN, a boat cover manufacturer in Arkansas, offers high-quality boat covers for a fraction of the price of the usualcustom boat cover.All boat covers in its inventory boast a center seam construction and are made from scratch—qualities that normally demand higher price tags. The company aims to keep its products accessible to customers, however; it promises to maintain the prices of its stock and customized boat covers at a reasonable range.

An Inclusive Sport and Hobby

Boating might seem like a hobby for the well-to-do, but the statistics from the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA)say otherwise. The organization’s latest statistics reveal that recreational boaters are predominantly from the middle-class. In fact, the household income of 72% of boat owners in the United States is less than $100,000.

Another set of statistics suggest that despite not being a rich man’s hobby, boaters don’t scrimp. The NMMA says recreational marine expenses increased by 3.2% in 2016 to a tune of $36 billion.

WALK-WINN’s affordable prices, which match the budget requirements of middle-income boating enthusiasts, are very much welcome.Its customized, heavy-duty boat cover is less than $425 while stock boat covers range from $162-380, depending on the material and boat type.

Making High-Quality Products Affordable

Besides keeping its product prices affordable, WALK-WINN also maintains stringentquality standards. It has a specialist team that inspects and testsits stock and customized boat covers. Customers can trust that the items they ship out have undergonestrict quality checks.

Staying true to its credo of giving customers the best bang for their buck, WALK-WINN offers special bulk prices, offers free ground shipping to the lower 48 states, and doesn’t impose a minimum order. Purchases from individual buyers seeking single stock covers and companies looking to outfit their fleets are all welcome.


WALK-WINN has been creating boat covers and supplying boating accessories to enthusiasts since 1972. From its facility in Little Rock, the company manufactures, inspects, and delivers high-quality products to customers around the country. Itmakescustom covers for ATVs, automobiles, and vehicles, as well as other items like furniture covers, shopping bags, strap products, and more.

Visit www.walkwinn.comto view its entire inventory.

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