Online Use of Practice Management Software for Physiotherapists in Australia

About Practice Management Software

Physiotherapists are at the lead of rehabilitation treatments. They have limited time and to perform many functions. Need to deal with the different Patients, their schedules, appointments. treatment soon becomes a task by itself. That brings the physiotherapist require the benefits of patient appointment booking software. There are various offerings available online, easy to understand, simple to use, but powerful enough to meet all expectations,to accomplish a more capable organisation through a coordinated practice management software. It can empower the staff – work force will become more involved, satisfied and effective Practice Management Software.

Simple Online Booking, Creating Appointments, Keeping Case Notes, Accounting, Reporting and much more. These are completely web-based patient appointment software, meaning you can access all of the features from anywhere. It also means you don’t need to set up a server or even a network. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

Basic Keypoints to Consider

* Allows you to better manage internal and external communications.
* Energize your practice in Australia
* Automate the repetative job
* Keep the data and records
* Improve Practice Efficiency & Productivity
* Additional time to communication with Patients
* Patient record system

Use of Practice Management Software for Physiotherapists

Appointments & Calendars

* Create Appointments
* Easy Group Booking
* Text & Emails Reminders
* Waiting List
* Available Appointment Search
* Client Consultation History

Case Notes

* Digital Case Notes
* Create Case Notes Templates
* Progress Case Note
* Body Charting

Letter Writer

* Easily create a letter
* Create letter templates
* Print and email letters
* Automatic insert of client details


* Invoice Clients, Employers or Insurers
* Invoice Medicare & DVA
* Create Invoice Templates
* Batch Invoice and Payments


* Appointment statistics
* Calendar reports
* Client reports
* Referrer statistics
* Financial reporting

Gensolve Practice Manager is the leading Cloud Based practice and online patient appointment booking software, offering an easy to use, cost effective end to end solution for all Allied Health Professionals.

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