How to Get Your Weedy Lawn Back In Shape

The worst scenario you want to see in your lawn is weed infestation. Seeing your once beautiful, green and healthy lawn turn into a weed land can surely make your day miserable. Best Cuts Lawn Care & Landscaping knows exactly how you feel, being in the lawn care business for quite some time. If you want your lawn to be restored to its healthiest condition and keep those pesky weeds at bay, here are some tips from Best Cuts that you can apply.

1. If there’s only a few weeds present on your lawn, you can just pull them out manually. Annual weeds such as chickweed and crabgrass have shallow roots, so they can easily be hand-pulled. However, perennial weeds such as thistle and dandelion have broad roots that are harder to be pulled by hand, because even if a small root part is left in the soil, the weeds will eventually grow back. So, it is best to hand pulling those weeds when they are still young.
2. Proper lawn care and maintenance is the best medicine for your weedy lawn. If your lawn is poorly maintained and stressed, there is a bigger chance for it to be infested by weeds. Fertilizing your lawn regularly during its growing season can significantly help to keep it lush and thick, making it less friendly to weeds by leaving them little room to grow.
3. Just like all plants, weed seeds need sunlight to grow. Being an expert in lawn care, Best Cuts advises clients to mow at a higher height. This will help the grass to grow thick and taller to shade your soil so that the weed seeds would have a harder time to grow and spread.
4. Watering the lawn occasionally but deeply would definitely help your lawn in growing deeper roots to be able to better combat weeds. When your lawn grows deeper roots. This means it can grow thicker and eventually crowd out those bothersome weeds. Regular but shallow watering promotes the shallow growth of roots as well. This can make your grass deteriorate especially during periods of drought and heat, and can cause thin and bare lawn spots that can be taken advantage of by weeds.

So if you want your lawn to look as healthy as before, take care of it by yourself, but only if you have the experience and skills to do it right. Perhaps a better option is to hire reliable and hardworking lawn care professionals like Best Cuts Lawn Care & Landscaping to expertly manicure your lawn and restore its beauty and healthy condition. As Nelson Smitty tells his clients, “We provide excellent lawn care service that is designed to meet your unique and exclusive lawn needs, and help keep your lawn green and healthy all year round”.

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