Australian Government may Introduce New policies For Website Payment Gateway!

The Australian Government has foreseen the potential of online markets and has announced that they will develop a national digital economy strategy. Web development companies in Sydney that sees most business will benefit greatly from these policies as security and transparency increases with them. The strategy is being developed with the help and collective contribution of the industries, thought-leaders, small and medium sized businesses.
Digital innovation could boost the Australian economy by AU$140 billion to AU$250 billion over the next eight years as stated in the press release by the Government. It is in process and will take effect in the first half of the year 2018. These policies are going to build a roadmap for the government work in tandem with private sector and the community. Ecommerce development companies in Sydney and Perth will benefit greatly from this change. They will build world-leading digital business capability for the global businesses of all sizes. Australia will succeed in the digital economy with this initiative.

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